Renata Cone at Renata Cone Photography using natural light with her family and food photography. My name is Renata, and I’m a Houston photographer specializing in natural light photography. I fell in love with photography five years ago when I picked up the camera for the first time. I had always had a passing interest in snapping photos, but once I obtained the right camera I began to see this beautiful world in a whole new way. Ever since then, I’ve developed a special relationship with “her” and the images which we create together. It almost feels like my camera has a soul and with a simple “click” (and a little guidance from me) she can create something so magnificent and mesmerizing – something that can stay with you forever… that reflects your personality and shows who you are… something that you can capture on paper and keep for many treasured years.

I consider myself a romantic. I like to dream and set lofty goals for myself. And, in fact, I can honestly say that my dreams usually come true. I believe that if you really want something and you work hard enough to achieve it, it will certainly happen. With the right attitude and a strong belief in yourself, most anything is possible.

As an artistic person, I am always looking for inspiration. I like to find it in everything around me – in an early morning walk, in a weekend trip to countryside, or simple everyday life with all of its twists, surprises, and discoveries. I love to travel, and I have been lucky enough to visit many beautiful places around the world. There are many unique places on this earth which I adore, but the old cities of Europe have conquered my heart forever. I loved exploring and wandering through narrow alleys on cobbled roads, peering through old windows festooned with colorful flower pots. I liked waking up in cities with fabled histories and awareness of their significance and listening to the life-crossed stories that were carried by the movement and breath of the urban landscape. I found so many sources of inspiration in these special places, and I hope to return often to continue my exploring.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring my other artistic interests. I am a painter and work in both oils and watercolor to create anything from illustrations to landscapes. On occasion, I try to write poetry. To be honest, writing is not my strongest skills, but I try. And if Miss Inspiration is favorable to me that day, I manage to collect all of my thoughts together and express it on paper. I also write about my photography and a bit of my personal life in my Blog.



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