Food Photographer

If you are looking for a Houston food photographer to take your project to the next level, you have found her.

I love food – good food. I love everything about it. I love researching interesting recipes. I love creating my own wonderful dishes. And, of course, I love enjoying good food. I believe that each meal we prepare for ourselves or our loved ones can tell a story. There is a story in the taste and smell you experience in every bite, every slice, every morsel, and every sip. There is a symphony in the crackle of newly-baked homemade bread and the gentle bubbling of a slowly simmering pot of soup. There is the joy of the first and refreshing slice of ruby-red watermelon and the warmth and comfort of a freshly-brewed cup of coffee. In every scene and with every click of my shutter, I try to capture all the little details that reflect the soul in the food we eat and the personality and imagination of those who created it.

That is why, above all, I love photographing food. I really do. From the styling and photographing to delivering the final product to my clients, I enjoy the entire process. Each project is a new adventure, and so I take an individualized approach to each of them. It starts with a consultation on the goals that you are looking for and the platforms where you envision the images will be used. Once we agree on a vision, we can start the journey of creating your perfect images.

I’m available to shoot food photography for restaurants, magazines, cookbooks, etc.

Would you like to work with a passionate Houston food photographer to tell the story of your product or brand? I would love to hear from you!