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Film Photography
  • Film Photography

  • I love old, film photographs. Black and white and faded... usually covered in dust when you pull them from the box that had been lost for years in the attic. There always seems to be more history trapped in old photos - forgotten lives and stories... perhaps a bit of mystery. Blurry images giving us[...]
The Magic of Christmas
  • The Magic of Christmas

  • Christmas… magic… smell of pine needles… mulled wine… tree and decoration… presents... I can continue this list of heart-warming words forever. This is the most anticipated time of the year for me and our family. Shops bustling with people, glittered wrapping paper, sparkling champagne, Christmas li[...]
Beautiful Autumn in London
  • Beautiful Autumn in London

  • England's autumn is both a beautiful and a bit sad time of the year. The sun doesn't smile upon us very often, and the days are running away to hide behind the long dark nights. There are red and yellow leaves whirling beyond the windows, rain drumming on the roof, and it seems like nature is singin[...]