Family Photographer

Family photographs are meant to be cherished. They capture your special moments… your life… your story.

If having one of the best Katy family photographers is your goal, you have come to the right place.

Each photo session is as important for me as it is to you. My goal is to capture you at your very best and to record the fun and excitement of your day. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable and enjoy the whole experience. I pride myself on not only capturing great images, but also the feelings, emotions, and moods that make everyone special. I will work hard to make sure your photos look beautiful and we will have a good time together. We can pick a location which suits you best – such as a nearby park, an urban setting, or even your home.  My specialities include child photography, family portraits and couple’s photography.

To help you look your best for your photo shoot and to ensure I capture you at your finest, here are a few suggestions and recommendations to prepare for the day.

1. Think about the style and look you want to portray in the photos and where and how you might display the final product. Are you looking for photos with lots of action and bright colors or are you going for a calm and serene look?  Will the finished product be framed and displayed in your family room? Maybe you are thinking of sending the photos out to loved ones?  It’s a good idea to have an image in your head about what kind of shots you would like to take and where the photos will be displayed before deciding about the rest of the details of the shoot.

2. It’s almost always a good idea to have a couple of outfit options and accessories for everyone involved in the shoot. When selecting clothing colors and patterns, choose those that complement each other without being OVERLY matched.  Using different accessories will help complete your outfits. You can play with scarves, hats, sunglasses, etc. A colorful pair of shoes or bright lipstick can sometimes be all you need to give your photo that extra “pop” of color it needs. Whatever you decide to wear, just remember to be confident and be YOU.  Choose outfits that reflect your personality and will help us to achieve the final look of the pictures.

3. Think about bringing different kinds of props to the shoot, such as an umbrella, colorful balloons, or your kid’s favorite toys.  Personal items like keepsakes or mementos can be fun to involve in the shoot as well. When choosing props, also think about your profession, your hobbies, or something that would show off your unique talents or interests.

4. But above all… have fun! Be playful and ENJOY the session

If you need ideas about what to wear, Pinterest is a great place to browse for ideas and outfit inspirations.

Honestly, your session is not about the clothes you wear, the perfect lighting, or the props. It is about capturing the joy, happiness, beauty, and love of your family.

Your photo session is all about you, and it’s important for me that you truly enjoy and remember it as a great experience.

After you book your session, I can provide you with additional detailed information to help you prepare for your photoshoot. While I have established myself as one of the best Katy family photographers around, I’m also available to work in Sugar Land, Houston, and the surrounding areas.