The Glory Of Autumn

Autumn never was a favorite season of mine until very recently. I’m not sure why and how I never noticed such harmony and perfection in this magnificent time of the year. There is something peaceful in a single leaf quietly falling from the sky. There is something touching in early mornings walks, full of mysterious fog and mist. Perhaps some things in our life become noticeable to us when we change or grow, when we fall in love, or just ready to turn a new page in life.

The photos I’m sharing today were taken while walking around Philbrook Museum with my husband in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The golden light shining through the leaves… it was so beautiful, and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of it.

fall - texas

autumn - park

park - autumn

Oklahoma - fall

november - tulsa - park

autumn - fall

autumn leaves

fall - tulsa - Oklahoma


tulsa - autumn

love - couple photography

I remember walking along the corridor when I saw this couple cuddling and holding each others’ hands. There was so much warmth coming from them, I could almost see their love shining along with the sunlight. It seemed that only a few more steps, and I could have burned myself against their hot hearts. I discovered later after chatting with them that it was their anniversary and they come to Philbrook every year to celebrate. This picture was my modest present to commemorate their eternal devotion for each other.


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